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Dr. Mike Sweet, DVM - Milan Veterinary Clinic

A bit more about Dr. Sweet...
I am the veterinarian and owner of Milan Veterinary Clinic. My wife Sue and I have owned the Milan Clinic since graduation (December of 1972) from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I make dental, surgical and medical recommendations and decisions in the best interest of our patients and their owners. Our support team is very enjoyable to work with and makes practice more like play than work.

I grew up on a small farm near the village of Bloomingdale Michigan. B-dale is between Kalamazoo and South Haven, Michigan. It is in fruit country of southwestern Michigan. Lake effect snow showed up most winters. My maternal grandparents were German and Irish. My paternal grandparents were Scottish and English. I grew up in the country and still like the smell of large animals, fresh plowed fields and the comfort dogs and cats bring to my life.

I believe the outside of an animal is good for the inside of a human. Paraphrasing Roger Caras, animals may not be my whole life but they make my life whole. I have always been interested in the animals we had. The calves, piglets, foals, chickens, kittens and puppies were so special to play with. I remember my pivotal moment when Dr Dickey came out to treat our Guernsey cow “Tag” for milk fever. I started asking questions and found out I had a sort of Aunt Suzanne that was a large animal veterinarian 60 miles away in Constantine, MI. I would go visit Dr Suzanne Jacoby every chance I could during high school and college. She fostered my interest in animals and veterinary medicine. She was a wonderful mentor and the best veterinary diagnostician I learned from. 

I graduated from Bloomingdale High School in 1966. I applied to Michigan State University as a pre-veterinary major. As a junior I switched to Dairy Science and received a Bachelor of Science in 1970. I applied to the College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated December of 1972.
I examine, perform surgery and treat animals to maintain a state of good health. Preventative screening for bad kidneys, liver disease, and dental oral surgery with tooth extractions as needed. Find and control diabetes in dogs and cats. After a happy exam on patients, surgery is my favorite room. Time stops or becomes suspended when doing procedures. We monitor parameters giving patients the best chance to wake up from anesthesia and continue the love story with their owners.

I live with my wife Sue. We have two adult children Julie and Brian. Julie & Jake have Ashley, William and Hannah. They have Nana a Great Dane. Brian’s kids are Paige and Katie. Four of our five grandkids skate. Will prefers hockey and the older three girls are figure skating Princesses. Hannah is 10 months old, already a Princess and will be a skater.
We have an orange and white tiger cat, named Buzz Peter. Buzz is addicted to the red laser dot. He waits at the top of the stairs at bedtime to get his fix. We have an Irish Wolf Hound named Tinkerbelle (shown above) with a very sweet temperament. Tink’s favorite exercise is stretching out on a couch. Notice the Disney theme? Our critters were named by grandchildren.

Time away from the clinic and veterinary medicine revolves around boating, family and grandchildren. Having one set in Canton, MI and the other three near Minneapolis entails travel. We keep an old power boat on Lake Erie. I love time on the water.
I love continuing education meetings. I belong to four local veterinary medical associations in addition to Michigan VMA, AVMA, and American Veterinary Dental Society. I have a strong interest in veterinary dentistry. I am a member of Marble Memorial United Methodist Church and my favorite assignment is the Animal Blessing Service.
I have been contributing personal and veterinary medicine articles to Discover Milan News and the Milan Eagle since 2008.